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Meet your environmental goals

Protecting the resource by reducing energy consumption

We help you make your region more attractive with a view to improving the living environment for local inhabitants: 

  • Providing a resource at the lowest cost by reusing wastewater and stormwater, thereby reducing water shortages, preserving natural resources and working towards integrated water management
  • Creating value in agriculture and energy sectors by converting sewage sludge
  • Reducing the energy consumption of existing and future facilities
  • Using green projects to manage the environmental impact of development projects
  • Developing the region sustainably

Protecting natural environments and biodiversity

Suez provides solutions to help you improve the quality of the natural environment by monitoring pollution risks in real time:

  • Choosing the most suitable sensors and working out the best place to install them
  • Identifying which monitoring settings and equipment to use
  • Using a real-time measuring system to help protect and improve the quality of the natural environment
  • Anticipating pollution risks using predictive modelling
  • Helping competent authorities manage closure/reopening of beaches, lakes and rivers
  • Managing surface waters through integrated development of rivers and waterways, wetlands and estuaries
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