Sell raw materials

With extensive expertise in material characterisation, trade and sales, we can direct raw materials to the appropriate channels and market their qualities. We also have international logistic capacities to sell and transport materials all around the world.

From production to identifying uses

Secondary raw materials are traded as goods on local, national, European and even international marketplaces. 


We manage all phases of production through to the sale of your new materials:

  • Manufacture and qualification of high quality materials corresponding to the requirements of industrial users.
  • Identification of uses and orientation of materials to appropriate channels
  • Sales and relationship management with buyers, overseeing all regulatory, financial, technical and logistics aspects.
  • Traceability of all streams through reporting on a dedicated, continually accessible web platform for the local authority.

SUEZ trading, devotes to marketing recycled raw materials

To support our local authority and business clients, we established SUEZ Trading, a dedicated entity operated by a team of 40 experts, specialising in the sale of recycled raw materials.

We oversee all regulatory, technical, financial and logistic aspects concerning the materials collected, sorted and packaged by our SUEZ sorting centres or those of other operators.

Organix: the first digital marketplace for organic waste in France

We have launched Organix® in France, the first digital market platform for organic waste. Local authorities in France can use this platform to offer the organic waste produced by their school canteens to methanation unit operators, which transform the waste into energy. We take care of the logistics and transportation, and transactions can be made easily and securely.