Our ambition

Deliver best environmental services being partner of choice for our customers, stakeholders and our employees.
Preserve and restore the environment

Preserving and restoring the planet’s natural capital: water, soil and air

A major player in environmental services for over 160 years, SUEZ works every day to support local authorities and industry in managing the essential services of water, waste and air. The Group deploys all its capacity for innovation to serve a radically new form of resource management: optimising resource use by exploiting the full potential of new and digital technologies, recycling, recovering value, producing secondary raw materials and alternative resources etc.

Thanks to its expertise, SUEZ operates throughout the value chain in the water, waste management and climate sectors and supports its customers in the transition from a linear model, which overconsumes resources, to a circular economy, which recycles and recovers them.
The challenges of a faster-moving world

A worldwide push for a growth model using fewer resources

Growing urbanization, the changing face of global demography and the impact of global warming are reducing the stocks of available resources. In the future, more of us will have to share fewer materials. The drive to protect the environment is gathering steam, even in emerging countries and new growth models are necessary.