Food industry

Odorous compounds emissions are quite common in the food industry, although it does not generate toxic dangerous effluents to the atmosphere. The sector is quite diverse: meat, dairy, oils and fats, alcoholic beverages, vegetable juices and preserves, processing of fish, etc. Consequently, with very different flow rates and types of emissions in each case. Food sector is really sensitive and committed to the environmental impact, so frequently many companies go beyond regulatory compliance.
On the other hand, the installation of clean rooms and critical areas for the food sector requires a correct design prior to construction, where computational fluid dynamics (CFD) plays a relevant role. CFD is a set of numerical models used to simulate the behavior of fluids and allow the definition of design parameters and guarantee adequate conditions in clean rooms.

The SUEZ Air Quality & Climate team, with more than 25 years of experience and presence in 50 countries, provides innovative solutions for monitoring, modeling and olfactometry studies in the food industry. For the treatment of odours, we have the Best Available Technique on the market (BAP Advanced Biofiltration) complying with the most demanding emission limits. Likewise, our ventilation and hydrodynamic CFD studies allow the optimal design of critical areas for the food sector. The Suez Air Quality Spain team has accumulated more than 50 references in this sector in recent years.

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