Additional dispersion Eolage

EOLAGE system, from the manufacturer DELAMET, is an equipment whose objective is to favour the dispersion of non-toxic emissions that have a certain odoriferous significance, causing an impact due to odor in the closest environment. It is usually installed when there are limitations (of space, economic or technical) to carry out an odor treatment installation and purify them.

How does our emission dispersion improvement system work?

The emission, which enters through the Eolage from its lower part, is driven and diluted with ambient air, up to 50000 m3/h in the Eolage50 equipment; 120000 m3/h in the Eolage120 equipment and up to 300000 m3/h in the Eolage300, thus increasing its speed to almost 30 m/s, and driving the emission vertically, in such a way that dispersion is favoured and the concentration of odor that can be perceived in immission is significantly reduced. The height of the drive, as well as its speed, both depend on the weather conditions that exist at any given time, such as wind speed, for example.