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SUEZ has a huge experience in biogas treatment, it works with the CryoPur cryogenics systems, which allows the obtention of a biomethane stream without methane slip and with a purity higher than 99%, with a low electrical consumption. It must be mentioned that the CryoPur system is adapted to treat the biogas produced from any type of organic waste, such as agricultural, industrial, waster water or household wastes, included the biogas produced in landfills.
The CryoPur system uses a cryogenic upgrading technology, where the CO2 is frosted to a temperature of -120°C to separate it from the methane, what allows to reach the methane purity required for CNG. So, this technology allows to obtain a stream of compressed natural gas, the liquefaction of it and also a stream of BioCO2. The biomethane obtained can be used in several application, such as for such as for grid injection or vehicular use, among others.