Advanced biofiltration BFA

The Advanced Biofiltration of BBK Bio Airclean can be considered the Best Available Technology (BAT) for the elimination of odors and treatment plants VOCs, MSW treatment plants, composting and biodigestion plants among others, being able to achieve deodorization efficiencies greater than 95% or output values of 1000 UOE/m3, which makes it possible to unequivocally guarantee compliance with the most demanding odoriferous emission limits.
The Advanced Biomedia support consists of two phases, one is inorganic type and the other one is organic type. The inorganic phase with high porosity and geometric regularity provides a very homogeneous mechanical structure and resistance of up to 8 - 10 years compared to the usual 2-3 years in conventional biofilters. The organic phase previously sterilized and subsequently inoculated with the appropriate consortium of microorganisms, offers the adequate support for the microorganisms. Its physical characteristics allow having a lower pressure drop, which means that ventilation energy costs are almost the half of a conventional biofilter.
Due to the inoculation of specific microorganisms with the ability to purify, at the same time, nitrogenous, sulfur and VOC compounds, this system can purify the air guaranteeing too very low final odor concentrations, lower than those established by regulations and legislation in force, both national and international.