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Regenerative thermal adsorption for siloxane removal

Siloxanes are semi-volatile compounds present in biogas at room conditions that decompose at high temperatures (such as those obtained in cogeneration engines, turbines and boilers) generating silica particles that are very abrasive and damage recovery equipment energetic.

The operation of the BGAK system is based on "Regenerative Thermal Adsorption". Thus, the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and siloxanes present in the biogas are captured by an adsorbent environment at room temperature and once this environment is saturated, it is regenerated by air at over 90-120ºC.


In this way, operating costs of this process are achieved much lower than if it were carried out using activated carbon, which is the usual procedure. In addition, the adsorbent environment lasts over 5 years, so the maintenance of this equipment is much easier.


SUEZ Air & Climate works together with the manufacturer Parker, in the sale of this equipment in Spain.