Air quality management planning

SUEZ has highly specialized staff in the field of air quality, with a high degree of knowledge, technical capacity, professional rigor and more than 25 years of experience.

Entire and strategic air quality consulting services

Our experience, specialization, knowledge, technical capacity and professional rigor facilitate the achievement of the objective in order to provide a response to the needs of our customers in a fully satisfactory way based on our proposal for an entire and strategic consultancy in the field of air quality. , which includes, among others, aspects such as:
  • Design, implementation and management of air quality and meteorology networks and stations.
  • Macro and micro implantation studies of control stations.
  • Analysis and interpretation of time series.
  • Preparation of emissions inventories.
  • Characterization of air pollution and source contribution studies.
  • Carrying out indicative air quality measurements with reference methods and with alternative systems.
  • Correlation studies between measurement systems.
  • Implementation of meteorological forecasting and air quality systems.
  • Studies of dispersion of atmospheric pollutants and analysis of emission scenarios.
  • Preparation of air quality plans, programs and strategies.
  • Air quality zoning design.
  • Advanced advice on air pollution.

An example of our most recent works is the deployment of the air quality control network in the ports of the Balearic Port Authority for exhaustive monitoring of the influence of port activity in the surroundings of its facilities.

Also recently, in this case by means of a diagnosis with Knowledge Extraction tools (KDD) with data mining and mathematical simulations of photochemical contamination, we have carried out a project for the Government of the Foral Community of Navarra with the aim of establishing the model of the phenomenology, inputs contribution and preferential routes of the ozone episodes in this territory, formulating recommendations for the improvement of the surveillance of this pollutant and the optimization of the zoning.