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The biogas is natural gas generated from biomass (Organic fraction from solid urban wastes and other organic waste, sludge sewage, purines, sandach,…). This biogas usually has around 60 % of biomethane, and its cleaning and enrichment is needed for the obtention of biomethane, with the suitable conditions for its injection to grid or use as LNG.

Certain gas or fuel-based power generation facilities face the challenge of controlling their emissions or fuel losses caused by leaks in both liquid and gas storage tanks. Solar thermal plants also require control of thermal oil emissions (generally biphenyls). The use of detection systems using infrared systems developed by Suez Air Quality (Smart Inspection) is a very valuable tool for this purpose.

SUEZ Air Quality & Climate team with more than 25 years and its presence in more than 50 countries provides different innovative solutions for the treatment and upgrading of biogas, taking into account its characteristics and flow in each case, for the final production of biomethane, minimizing losses and complying with the protocol for its injection into the network or use as fuel. Our cryogenic technology also allows commercial Bio CO2 to be obtained.

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