Public administration and policy makers

To deal with climate change, a continuous effort and the collaboration of the different actors (administrations, companies, citizens, social actors...) is necessary. The identification of strategies and political instruments is a key issue to enhance the implementation of effective measures and solutions for climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience.
The SUEZ Air Quality & Climate team, through the implementation of the Best Available Techniques, has been collaborating for more than 25 years in more than 50 countries with clients and public administrations, helping to improve air quality and providing innovative solutions against climate change. It has actively collaborated with the administration in advising on environmental legislation on air quality, in action plans/master plans for air quality at the local, regional and national levels, as well as in the design and implementation of Low Emission Zones (LEZ). We work together with policy makers providing solutions to mitigate the effect of pollution and climate change. Data mining and digitization is a growing demand by municipalities and autonomous communities. The use of digital platforms (Vision 360) equipped with high-resolution numerical modeling allow policy makers and public administration to know, predict and anticipate episodes of air pollution and define air quality improvement plans for cities.

Our solutions: