Air Sentinel

Correct ventilation of closed spaces

The pandemic caused by SARS-COV-2 has revealed numerous deficiencies at many levels, and indoor air quality is one of them.


Scientific evidence has shown that not only the largest droplets (which are projected when coughing or speaking a few meters away) but what is more problematic, when the small aerosols that we exhale are transported (and with them viruses), and distributed inside offices, public transport, restaurants, etc.


It is important to remember that we spend more than 70% of our lives breathing the air inside buildings whose quality is usually 5 times worse than the one outside.


The SUEZ team of engineers, chemists, mathematicians and computer scientists has developed the digital platform that allows to know in real-time the quality of the air, the radon levels and the renewal of the necessary air flow (ventilation) to remain safe in a room. This application is called AirSentinel.

How AirSentinel Works

The AirSentinel platform works in a very easy way: The CO2 sensors installed in a room transmit the concentration data to our digital platform every 20 seconds which, by means of the variation of concentration, the mass balance equations and the capacity of the room, calculates the exact amount of fresh air that enters every minute.

AirSentinel also implements some algorithms that allow establishing, for example, the maximum recommended time that a person could stay in that space or the maximum number of people who could occupy it. Another very interesting feature is the calculation of production capacity and energy efficiency. It is also well-known how high CO2 values decrease learning ability or mental alertness to perform work tasks including basic tasks or physical activity. The AirSentinel platform implements the algorithms proposed by Harvard University to calculate these values.


The system can incorporate other detectors that complement TOTAL security in our homes, public centers, offices, including aerosol or RADON detectors. With all this, the system will be able to ventilate under conditions of bad air renewal due to levels of CO2, aerosols or Radon.

Why is Radon important?

Every year it is estimated that about 1500 deaths in Spain can be directly attributed to exposure to radon (a radioactive compound) and exceeding the levels recommended by the European Directives.


As in the case of aerosols and the transmission of pathologies by air, the only way to mitigate their effect is to properly ventilate rooms.

This question is accompanied by others such as:

  • When should I open doors and windows and for how long?
  • What maximum capacity and how long is recommended to stay safely in a certain room?
  • Must I buy air purification systems? Are natural or mechanical ventilation that I already have enough?


The answer is that I must demonstrate anytime that the ventilation levels, radon levels, home or business air quality comply with the sanitary recommendations. I need to transmit security and calm to my family, my friends, my customers and my employees. All these questions are the reasons that have inspired the development of AirSentinel as an answer.