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A membrane system to produce biomethane

Biomethane is obtained through an upgrading or enrichment process of the biogas, which consists of eliminating all the indicated compounds present, leaving only methane. This methane is called biomethane, equivalent to natural gas but of NOT fossil origin and can be used to be injected into the natural gas network or be compressed to be used as vehicle fuel.

SUEZ, with great experience in biogas treatment, works with the VALOPUR® membrane system to produce biomethane with a purity greater than 99%. Membrane technology is a very clean enrichment process, the only consumables required are activated carbon for pre-treatment and compressor oil. It does not require water consumption and its only output emission is off gas (CO2) and condensates. The operating costs of the process are low due to the low electrical consumption and low maintenance required.

SUEZ has signed a “Joint Venture” agreement with the company PRODEVAL for the sale of its equipment in Spain.