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Fully integrated technology for biogas enrichment with more than 30 plants in operation in Europe.

The fundamental part of the CApure™ process is the highly efficient selective scavenging solution that allows the obtained biomethane to contain more than 99% methane. This biomethane has sufficient calorific value for its injection into the natural gas network without the need to enrich it with propane. The output CO2 can also be recovered as a by-product.

The H2S contained in the inlet biogas is removed by means of an activated carbon system that is replaced once it is saturated. The system also removes siloxanes in an extremely efficient way since it reduces their content to a value lower than 0.05 mg/Nm3, the minimum value detectable by current instruments. CApure™ technology provides the highest methane recovery with losses of less than 0.1%. There is no cost or energy associated with treating a secondary gas or dangerous emissions to the environment and, unlike other technologies, the CApure™ process is highly adaptable to changes in the composition of the incoming biogas.

The CApure™ system includes a heat recovery system that allows the recovery of heat from the enrichment plant to provide heat to the anaerobic digestion process or other points in the facility that can recover this heat. This heat recovery system reduces electrical energy needs by up to 50%.

Our company provides a fully integrated technology for biogas enrichment with more than 30 plants in operation in Europe.

CApure™ biogas enrichment plants are based on a high quality standardized modular design. The prefabricated plants undergo a quality control in the workshop where they are tested and optimized prior to shipment to the customer's facilities, reducing the time and cost necessary for installation and commissioning at the plant.

In addition, the enrichment plants are built following quality standards to ensure total quality and reliability of the plant operation. This quality is certified by third parties to ensure that the plants comply with the most demanding international quality, safety and operating requirements.