Carbon Cover

Many industrial plants, and all wastewater treatment plants, have tanks or ponds outdoors that represent a source of surface emission that is expensive to treat and highly problematic.

Integrated activated carbon filters

The Carbon Cover system consists of an enclosure that confines emissions while filtering them through the integrated active carbon filters. It is, therefore, a system that offers a double action: partial enclosure that reduces the emissions generated and adsorption treatment of the resulting emission.

Main characteristics are:

  • The filters are integrated in a spongy medium, the rainwater does not remove o drag the carbon.
  • Specific design: System with shape and thickness according to the application.
  • The tank gases flow freely through the filters.
  • They avoid the risk of overpressure of the confined air.
  • The filters act as a drain for rainwater, there is no accumulation on their surface.
  • Specific filters available (H2S, NH3 and VOCs).


The Carbon Cover is a more economical solution than traditional solutions that consist of confining with rigid steel, aluminium, GRP or concrete covers and, subsequently, to extract the air and purify it.


SUEZ Air & Climate works together with the manufacturer PI2 Technologies in the sale of its equipment in Spain.