An advanced biofiltration solution

The Biocylinder reduces odors in sewage pumping stations and other places with relatively small volumes of polluted air. This equipment is based on Advanced Biofiltration, from BBK Bio Airclean, which can be considered the Best Available Technology (BAT) to treat odoriferous emissions from pumping stations and treatment plants, typically reaching final odor concentrations of 500-1,000 UOE / m3, which makes it possible to unequivocally guarantee compliance with the most demanding odoriferous emission limits.


Biocylinder Biofiltration is a plug-and-play solution that treats odor and H2S emissions with very low electricity and water consumption. In the upper part, the irrigation and ventilation system is efficiently compacted. The Biocylinder is manufactured using a fiberglass sandwich panel with an insulating polyurethane foam inside. The polluted air is introduced into the bottom of the cylinder and through an upward flow it is purified through the filter medium.

Main advantages of the Biocylinder system:

  • Reduction of odors and pollutants such as H2S
  • Plug-and-play
  • Long-lasting useful life thanks to the selected biomedia
  • Reliable and profitable operation. Low operational costs
  • Biological destruction of compounds, no adsorption
  • Little surface required for installation