Our solutions

Optimise daily operational management of the drinking water network

We develop smart networks to enable you to act in real time. You can extend the lifespan of your drinking water network and save water and energy by applying innovative technology:
  • Monitor your network daily and in real time with AQUADVANCED® Water networks
  • Centralise all your data to pre-empt failures and identify ways to improve performance (leak detection, energy)
  • Swift remote intervention via flowmeters and pressure regulation valves connected to the IT system

Extend your drinking water network's lifespan with proactive maintenance 

We optimise network renovation and rehabilitation to help you manage medium and long-term investments:
  • Assess the state of your network using available data and innovative technology (Scanner, CiclopeTM)
  • Train field teams to guarantee high-quality work
  • Reduce impact on local residents by using innovative technologies to renovate and rehabilitate networks and connections (trenchless techniques, Ice Pigging)

Limit construction of additional infrastructures for drinking water production

We can help you reduce expenditure on building new infrastructure:
  • Extend the life of existing facilities by means of preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Select durable materials and the most suitable techniques to optimise your infrastructure’s lifespan

Manage your investments by prioritising infrastructure renewal

Our solutions can help you anticipate and plan your investments:
  • Assess the state of your network using available data and innovative technology (Scanner, CiclopeTM)
  • Establish a detailed investment plan and prioritise tasks
  • Determine precisely where and when to replace pipes over the next 5 to 20 years using cross-analysis of investment capacity with pipe age predictive models (Prevoir)

Safeguard your revenue through efficient customer management

We limit commercial losses by accurately metering and invoicing customers’ actual consumption:
  • Compile and update customer information using surveys to ensure accurate invoicing
  • Select the most reliable meters and installation techniques to safeguard your revenue
  • Identify which meters need replacing and prioritise their repair
  • Use our real-time Smart Meter Reading system for improved reliability
  • Optimise your Customer Service management
  • Offer your customers all the benefits of a modern, innovative Smart Metering service: alerts in case of potential leaks and regular invoices based on actual consumption

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