Working with companies to tackle leaks, we can cut operating costs and safeguard water supplies, as well as controlling the risks – for health and the environment, and those associated with industry regulation and public reputation. Companies face a series of challenges in managing and reducing leakage, not least the impact of ageing infrastructure. SUEZ is exploiting advanced technologies – including satellite imaging – to transform leak detection, and on the ground, we are providing support with consulting and maintenance services for water company networks and industrial plants.
Tackling leakage

SUEZ provides consulting services and on-site maintenance work to manage water leaks.


We help our customers to:

  • Anticipate leakage risk: The first step is to map your network system. This enables us to identify risk areas and plan preventive maintenance work, replacement operations and new investment.
  • Implement the right leak detection system: We advise you on the process best adapted to your needs and the characteristics of your networks, depending on the geographic location of your plant, pipe length, diameter and materials, and the type of equipment you have.
  • Repair leaks quickly: To ensure your operational continuity, we offer quick response times for on-site maintenance work.
Helium gas leak detection


Disruption to customers can be avoided while locating even small leaks with iDroloc. iDroloc is a leak detection system which injects a tracer gas (helium) into the water main to detect leaks without interruption to service.

Satellite leak detection


Satellite leak detection uses imagery from satellites overlaid on geographical information systems to detect water leaks. The technology – which SUEZ brought to the UK – allows us to provide a leak detection service that is more cost-effective and less resource-intensive than traditional methods.

Calm networks

Award-winning solutions that give you water network confidence through a platform that produces outcomes, not just outputs.