Our calm networks solutions look to solve your challenges when interpreting data from 'passive' data loggers via our advanced analytics and automation. Calm networks provide confidence in your water network whilst boosting your positive environmental goals by reducing the loss of hundreds of thousands of megalitres of water per day.

Inflowmatix is a SUEZ company, an award-winning tech provider that delivers you enhanced water network data analytics through high-frequency monitoring sensor technology. Our team's solutions are designed from fundamental water systems engineering research at the Imperial College of London and rich experience and study from the SUES Centre Technique Distribution (CTD) in Paris – providing you peace of mind that your network is in safe hands.


InflowSense™ is a high-frequency (128 S/s) pressure monitoring device that can characterise your networks by observing, capturing and visualising abnormal pressure events within your water network. In turn, this helps you focus on the material operation and reduce bursts/leakages.

We achieve this by:

  • Understanding dynamic pressure variability
  • Localising sources of network variability to the nearest asset
  • Identifying transient sources causing network fatigue and potentially leading to burst failure through the use of our Cumulative Pressure-Induced Stress (CPIS™) metric
  • Identifying future potential at-risk areas
  • Providing actionable insights leading to a reduction in burst rates, leakages and operational repair savings


We developed arboricity™ to automate the 'Model Calibrate & Maintain' process for essential network hydraulic elements, reducing cost implications of hydraulic model deterioration and manual re-calibration. arboricity™ also provides you with the power of flexibility to use or integrate data from OEM partners.

Key attributes

As a 'service' offering, arboricity™ offers timely, high quality and trustworthy insights into your clean water network. Calibrating hydraulic network models allows a deeper understanding of how your network behaves and delivers an accurate baseline model, which provides an operational control template. Easy adjustments help you cope with changes in demand, extend network assets' working life, and provide optimised network performance.

  • Provides calibrated near-real-time maintained hydraulic models as a core element of its service offering
  • Pinpoints issues in your network which are adversely affecting network performance
  • Delivers a calm network-based operating/pressure management plan to ensure the calm network state is maintained

Using outcomes of near real-time hydraulic network models in this way provides you with confidence in your networks. It lets you digitally virtualise and rapidly optimise network hydraulics - keeping your customers happy with a constant supply.

Why choose us?

  • Guaranteed accuracy through 'Edge' computing
  • Seamless 3rd party integrations
  • Patented algorithms and IP flow from ongoing Imperial College R&D
  • Ease of deployment & configuration with an asset-centric approach
  • Fleet management & data export
  • Secure cloud-based data, modelling & analytics

Portsmouth Water

Portsmouth Water enlisted our arboricity™ platform to give them the insights they need to identify issues early and avoid critical consequences.
Working with Inflowmatix has significantly helped to understand the hydraulic behaviour of part of the Network previously affected by a major mains failure
Frank Van Der Kleij , Head of Asset Risk & Planning, Bristol Water Plc