AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage

AQUADVANCED® consists of three complementary modules; each can work independently or in combination:


The AQUADVANCED® monitoring module offers a geographical dashboard of an operator’s urban drainage network and constantly monitors the hydraulic situation and the quality of discharges into the natural environment.

This advanced wastewater network modelling software developed by SUEZ helps to give operators the ability to see at a glance how their network is performing and be able to transparently report on it. This includes monitoring of all field operations from a range of sensors, including water quality, water flow rates and levels.

As it allows a visualisation of the complete network, it makes it easier for managers to see where potential problems might be before they have an impact on customers.


The second module in the AQUADVANCED® suite concerns flood risk management. Pulling data from the monitoring module or from other wastewater monitoring sources as well as hyper-local weather info, it can assist in flood risk management by forecasting heavy rain and the risk of overloading in a network. Unchecked, this could lead to CSO spills – which damage the environment and could lead to reputational issues.

By monitoring both the weather and the existing network, water levels can be anticipated at any point in the network for the next three hours and up to three days.

In case of a flash flood forecast, this advanced storm technology from SUEZ can provide up to 20 hours’ notice. Thus, wastewater network modelling allows operators to ready resources to lessen the impact of any severe weather event.

Flood anticipation of this type will often result in a more efficient response to any flash flooding locally with minimised discharges and a far more efficient utilisation of the whole network, together with faster emptying times of storage tanks.


The AQUADVANCED® Advanced Control / Dynamic Management module calculates optimised operating strategies in real time.

For stormwater management and rapid surface water drainage, this module can automatically control system actuators, enabling coordinated management of the whole network with existing storage tanks – all from a central control room. The system identifies spare capacity in the network and moves water around the network to enable it to deal with heavy rainfall without combined sewage overflows being used.

The SUEZ drainage software works by using a combination of machine learning and historical data as well as inputs from other parts of the AQUADVANCED® software suite or other wastewater monitoring software. The system is designed to maximise wastewater asset management, whilst minimising CSO spills without having to invest in new storage tanks.

This impressive control of wastewater systems can be run on a completely automated basis or with ultimate operator control. Running on an automated basis is ideal for scenarios where climatic conditions or tides can change quickly.

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

AI for Wastewater Management

The AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage wastewater software suite from SUEZ uses AI to learn about a network and suggest (or action) operations to increase its operational efficiency and prevent CSO spills.

Data comes from a number of sources including historical data, now-casting of local weather, and a whole range of sensors and measurement devices to offer the most comprehensive system for sewer network modelling.

This is especially important when considering AMP8 and operators’ CapEx considerations; rather than spending money on more storm storage, more efficient utilisation of existing resources is often the way forward – as witnessed by existing AQUADVANCED® clients (see below.)

Integration with SCADA data

The AQUADVANCED® wastewater management software suite from SUEZ is designed to communicate with any SCADA-enabled device or interface.

This industry-standard system architecture interfaces with APIs in the software to enable it to control any standard device in an urban drainage system. 

Benefits of AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage Software

The AQUADVANCED® urban drainage system from SUEZ presents operators with powerful new tool to maximise resources in any drainage network whilst offering a flexible range of options to suit almost every scenario.

AMP8 Compliance 

The AQUADVANCED® system’s advanced reporting features allow a variety of reports to be outputted, aiding compliance reporting, including AMP8 water compliance.

Today, when environmental regulations have an increasing purview over urban drainage and flood control, it is essential for water companies to be more transparent – something that AQUADVANCED® from SUEZ aids.

Storm Tank Alternative

Rather than building yet more storm tanks, AQUADVANCED® software ensures operators make better use of an existing urban drainage network, saving CapEx – and the environment.

Current users report up to 50% savings using this software compared with building more storage capacity.

Problem Detection

Once running, AQUADVANCED® drainage software can detect any problems in a drainage network and bring them to the attention of the operator, allowing for repairs to be mended quickly. This includes leak detection and sewer blockage detection.

Environmental Conservation

A fully operational AQUADVANCED® wastewater software system can protect the environment from the damaging effects of CSO spills. In existing installations, our clients have seen up to a 45% reduction in spills.

Reputational Protection

Now, more than any time in living memory, water companies are under the spotlight. So reducing the number of CSO spills is also important from a reputational perspective.

AQUADVANCED® wastewater software helps operators with compliance as well as reputation.

Case Studies

The issues of urban drainage, minimising spills and bathing water quality continue to be a challenge to water companies across the world.

In these case studies, we show how AQUADVANCED® water management software from SUEZ has helped operators rise to the challenge.

Reducing Spills into the Receiving Body

The Paris water utility, responsible for the wastewater of 8.6 million people via a network of 300 miles of sewer network, five treatment plants, 150 monitoring points and with 800,000 m³ storage capacity, wanted to tackle spills into the River Seine.

They deployed SUEZ AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage to control and reduce spills into the receiving body, limit the risks of overflow, protecting the urban environment from flood risk. Importantly it helped to optimise the treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment plant.

This made a significant difference:

  • 35% reduction in discharges, thus reducing the health and environmental pollution risks
  • Managing flood crisis situations with 6-hour notification before a flood
  • 10% increase in wastewater treatment plant capacity
  • Optimised the capacity of existing installations, saving €250 million in additional storage tanks



Reduced discharges


Million Saved from additional storage tanks



Increase in wastewater plant capacity

Optimising Dam Operations

In Singapore, the Marina Barrage Reservoir was designed to balance the issue of heavy rain and water scarcity. With 2400mm annual rainfall but also water scarcity, it was essential to optimise the dam operations to save every drop of rainfall.


AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage was deployed to help anticipating floods and propose optimal operation.


To find out more about the application at PUB, click here

Reduce CSO Spills

In Biarritz, France, AQUADVANCED® is used in the local water system for surface water drainage and has proved itself invaluable during storm events.

By minimising CSO spills – actually delivering a reduction of over 40% - beaches have stayed open longer, ensuring valuable tourist revenue is maintained.

To review the case study in detail click here.

Avoiding New Water Storage Investment

Our client in Mulhouse, France was operating an ancient water network which was not able to cope with heavy demand of the area. They had been instructed to build an additional 45,000m3 of storage to comply with local regulations.

However, following consultation with SUEZ they decided to implement AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage which enabled them to reduce their huge capital investment plans whilst remaining within the regulations.

To discover more about this case study, go to Real-time optimisation network operations reduce overflows achieve compliance.

The AQUADVANCED® suite is made for operators

The AQUADVANCED® suite has benefitted from many thousands of collective working years of experience by SUEZ as a water and wastewater operating company globally.

The suite is made for operators. For over 15 years the digital solutions teams have worked directly with operators at the front face of water company control rooms to make sure that the solutions work for them, providing operators with practical tools to make their roles and operations run smoothly.

AQUADVANCED® is built on a common database platform that is optimised for the real-time collection, verification, storage, display and analysis of data coming from multiple sources. Furthermore, a common data visualisation platform offers advanced dashboarding, reporting and data analytics capabilities across all suite modules.

  • AQUADVANCED® Water Supply, a real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks, proven to bring down energy costs.
  • AQUADVANCED® Water Networks, an advanced analytics tool for monitoring water quality and losses in distribution networks in real time.
  • AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, a solution for flood prevention, bathing water quality and monitoring, and environmental protection that helps optimise wastewater operations and asset performance.
  • AQUADVANCED® Plant for both water and wastewater plants.