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Nautilus System presentation - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Seamless leak detection process

This state-of-the-art leak detection system consists of a smart sphere equipped with sensors, with the ability to survey up to 35 kilometres of trunk mains in a single operation. It gets inserted into the live pipe network where it will be pushed by the flow within the pipe. Once inserted the orb is carefully tracked as it travels freely within the network. It verifies current conditions, detects leaks, air pockets, and other anomalies by recording acoustic data until extracted by the leak detection team. The collected data is then analysed. What sets this smart ball apart is it can be used in far-flung areas where it's difficult to do traditional active leak detection surveys.

Watch how it works

Nautilus System - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group


  • Untethered/wireless
  • In-line navigation
  • Neutral buoyancy system
  • Precise leak location detection (<1m)
  • Works in standard flow rates
  • No customer interruption
  • Compatibility with all types of pipe materials
  • Travels up to 35 km daily
  • Can be used anywhere, including very rural areas

Leak detection strategic solutions

SUEZ offers a range of broad solutions to leak detection, with the goal to mapping and identifying points of interest, and implementing the right leak detection system. The Nautilus orb leak detection system is part of the SUEZ service roster that includes the iDroloc leak detection system using helium gas, calm network solutions such as InflowSense™ by Inflowmatix, and ASTERRA Recovery satellite leak detection.

Aganova SUEZ technology partner

Aganova, a Spanish company, are specialists in water leak detection that offers solutions to reduce large diameter network water losses worldwide.