Businesses can reduce their costs and improve the performance of their water networks by optimising how they are managed. SUEZ has developed world-leading solutions for leak detection, network cleaning, smart metering, and real-time monitoring and optimisation to reduce energy costs and pre-empt system failures. We are supporting network and plant managers with our expert consulting services and rapid-response on-site maintenance work.

Asset management

Infrastructure leaders and asset managers leverage intelligent platforms, data from multiple sources combined with their engineering judgment to explore a full range of options and tackle complex decision-making with confidence.


We help customers detect and deal with leaks, cutting their operating costs, safeguarding water supplies, and controlling the risks associated with leakage.

Pipework cleaning

Ice Pigging™ provides a highly effective & low-risk alternative to conventional pipeline cleaning techniques.

Real-time network management & optimisation

Good water network management involves anticipating network issues and their impact, reducing your system’s energy consumption, and controlling your operating costs and investment expenditure.

Smart metering

We provide diverse smart metering solutions that can be used together or separately for any possible remote reading scenario.