Good management involves anticipating network issues and their impact, reducing your system’s energy consumption, and controlling your operating costs and investment expenditure. With the unique Aquadvanced software suite, SUEZ has developed, and proven, innovative real-time monitoring and control solutions.
The Aquadvanced suite

Aquadvanced: software applications for the management of drinking water quality and water networks

Aquadvanced comprises three software applications for the optimal management of drinking water quality and water and wastewater networks:

Aquadvanced Energy

Aquadvanced Energy is a real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks, proven to bring down energy costs. This module also helps you maximise operational performance and water quality, as greater energy efficiency is reducing your operation’s environmental footprint.


Aquadvanced Energy utilises SCADA and telemetry systems to read live data and issue commands to pumps and valves throughout an entire distribution system, producing the correct volume of water where and when it is needed.

Real-time management of water networks

Aquadvanced Water Networks is an advanced analytics tool for monitoring water quality and losses in distribution networks in real time.


This module helps you optimise network operations and improve customer service. It enables utilities to monitor their drinking water networks remotely and continuously so as to improve overall operational efficiency while delivering an excellent service.