The challenges for the wastewater industry have never been more substantial. As well as managing wastewater to protect natural environments, the sector must address net-zero emissions targets and rise to meet the demand for greater efficiency and energy saving.
Our solutions

Managing wastewater

SUEZ has a host of services to help the wastewater industry tackle these challenges:

  • Identifying pipe deficiencies that would indicate wastewater leaks
  • Greenhouse gas emission monitoring (N2O, CH4 and CO2) and remediation
  • Digital solutions for sewer, storm and plant management to ideal operation and asset performance
  • Improving pipe network performance with enhanced flow capacity
  • Odour monitoring and management solutions

You can find more about our key service areas for the wastewater industry below.


Real-time drainage and environmental management

Predicting when events such as flooding and assessing the best strategy to minimise the effects and maximise capacity.

Satellite surveillance of wastewater networks

Satellites offer a non-invasive approach to the problem of wastewater leakage. Scans provide a deep level of understanding and insight into the condition of pipes in the network. A trained algorithm scores pipe segments showing signs of non-surfacing leaks and scores the pipes on their level of deficiency, enabling effective maintenance resource allocation.

Wastewater pipework cleaning with Ice Pigging™ 

Ice Pigging™ provides a highly effective & low-risk alternative to conventional pipeline cleaning techniques.

Plants management and optimisation

AQUADVANCED® Plant is a decision support system for water and wastewater treatment plant operators, promoting continuous plant performance improvement and cost optimisation. This modular platform ensures regulatory compliance through detailed asset monitoring and offers performance management, including data management, hypervision, and advanced control.

Climate change

As global temperatures rise, businesses are under increasing pressure to meet emission reduction targets. Our environmental solutions reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help cut a clear path to net zero.

Odour solutions

Odour can have a significant impact on quality of life. Tackling unpleasant odours with our air quality solutions can improve local reputation and foster good relationships with the community.