Our approach to managing air quality

Our goal at SUEZ is to improve the quality of life for communities worldwide by protecting their health, supporting economic growth and preserving natural resources.

This is why we have developed a holistic approach to air quality treatment that makes public health a priority. Our fully integrated service can thoroughly assess the air quality and design a tailored solution based on the harmful pollutants identified.

Our tailored services to improve air quality


This multi-stage air treatment solution improves air quality in large public locations such as schoolyards, malls and airports. Efficient and adaptable, this technology can be tailored to tackle the most prevalent pollutants in the area.

AirAdvanced®-Explore 360

A diagnostic service designed to investigate and gather representative datasets to ensure a comprehensive understanding of air quality. This solution determines pollution sources, site performance and produces a practical action plan.

Urban Air Quality Dispersion Modelling

Detailed modelling can be a vital tool when assessing air quality impacts at a regional or local scale. With precise software and intelligent systems, we can simulate the effects of air pollution on public health under numerous circumstances. We can create a practical action plan for a healthier, more sustainable future with this insight.

Cases studies

Testing innovative air pollution treatments in school environments

Providing effective air quality solutions in school courtyards

How we can help you manage air quality

  • Improving public health by reducing harmful pollutants
  • Environmental benefits of reducing greenhouse gases
  • Protecting vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly from serious health issues
  • Adaptable, intelligent and efficient indoor or outdoor solutions
  • Reputational benefits of improving air quality and embracing environmental sustainability