Plants management and optimisation

AQUADVANCED® Plant is a decision support system for water and wastewater treatment plant operators, promoting continuous plant performance improvement and cost optimisation. This modular platform ensures regulatory compliance through detailed asset monitoring and offers performance management, including data management, hypervision, and advanced control.
Real-time management system

Plant management and supervision

AQUADVANCED® Plant brings together data from multiple sources to process, visualise, analyse, alert and turn it into actionable outcomes for Plant Operators and Managers in near-real-time. It is designed to accommodate the supervision of multiple water and/or wastewater plants operated by a water utility or contract operator.


At the top level, map-based indicators provide a summary status for each plant, with the ability to drill down for individual processes, customized KPIs and specific alerts or warnings.  It has full data analytics capabilities to investigate specific process deviations and optimisation is available to all users including auto generated, customised reports.





Plant / Regional

managers& owners

         Overall performance visibility

         Compliance confirmation

         Monthly reports (compliance and health and safety (H&S)

         Weekly briefings with operators/process engineers

         Monitoring actual costs versus budgetTimely insight for public (H&S) announcements


Plant operators

        Near real-time hypervision

         Early warning of process trends

         Event/alarm logging and management

         Compliance/consent reporting (including site safety)

         Personalised dashboards/reports

         Daily/weekly briefings with engineers/managers


Process engineers

         Which sites/processes are performing well?

         Design/implement process improvements

         Verification of process changes on full plant

         Quick analysis of process/compliance breaches

         Continuous process review and improvement


Maintenance and

         Early warning of equipment failure

         Events/alarms status sent to and from CMMS
(computerized maintenance management system)


         Digital site access and safety logbook

         Verification of successful maintenance activity

         Scheduled maintenance based on predictions


Features of the AQUADVANCED® Plant operating system

  • Real-time monitoring and precise analysis of compliance, effectiveness of interventions, operating costs and treatment process efficiency, etc.
  • Early detection of deviations, contextual alerts and risk anticipation of process and equipment anomalies
  • Smart alarm management: urgency allocation, filtering and grouping
  • Analysis and performance overviews customised for each operator
  • Real time, multi-plant dashboard that can be customised and accessible at any time by all stakeholders
  • Preventive maintenance, tailored to the condition of the equipment
  • Equipment ageing modelling and calculation of replacement strategies
  • Calculation of optimised operational strategies
  • Modules for treatment process optimisation and control
  • Optimised consumption of energy and reagents
Efficient plant management system

A modular solution for drinking and wastewater treatment plant operators

AQUADVANCED® Plant is a modular solution that adapts to any type of water treatment plant and the needs of the individual operator. Depending on the required performance objectives and existing systems, the application is built for each customer’s specific requirements. 

AQUADVANCED® Plant is designed with incremental layers of decision support tools from hypervision to automated control.
  • Hypervision: At its core, the system offers hypervision of the water treatment plant’s performance, enabling precise monitoring, analysing and anomaly detection. This facilitates operating cost optimisation for energy, chemicals and maintenance as well as risk reduction with early detection of issues.
  • Predictive: The next level provides performance forecasting through process modelling. These predictive models forecast the consumption of resources, such as chemicals and energy as well as maintenance of critical equipment. 
  • Optimisation: At its most sophisticated, AQUADVANCED® Plant has full automated control features that can optimise the plant’s management. 
System features

Benefits of a real-time plant management system

Customised plant-specific visualisation with multi-plant overview: The common data visualisation platform provides for advanced dashboarding, reporting and data analytics features for all modules of the suite – by line at individual plant level – and multi-plant global view of performance.

Time saving: There’s no need to manually record data. AQUADVANCED® Plant provides automatic updates to tables and graphs used in different reports. The automatic updates prevent errors in inputs and reports. 

Better sharing and communication: The accessibility of data and consistency of presentation is a key benefit. As well as providing operators with continuous data, the AQUADVANCED® Plant software is accessible anywhere and anytime allowing managers and other stakeholders to review the main performance indicators of the plant from any location. 

Compliance reporting: Compliance information is automatically calculated and reported within AQUADVANCED® Plant.

Process optimisation and cost saving: With AQUADVANCED® Plant monitoring, adjustments can be made in processes safely, without taking risks in performance and thus allowing for savings in chemicals and power. 

Operation and maintenance monitoring: AQUADVANCED® Plant helps the operators monitor the main operation parameters and to adjust the operation if any drift is detected.
Operator focused solution

The AQUADVANCED® suite is made for operators

The AQUADVANCED® suite draws upon the vast collective experience of SUEZ as a global company for water and wastewater management. The suite is designed with operators in mind. For over 15 years, the SUEZ digital solutions teams have worked closely with professionals at the forefront of water company control rooms. This collaboration ensures that our solutions not only meet their specific needs but also provide them with practical tools to enhance the efficiency of their roles and help run their tasks smoothly. 

AQUADVANCED® is built on a common database platform that is optimised for the real-time collection, verification, storage, display and analysis of data coming from multiple sources. Furthermore, a common data visualisation platform offers advanced dashboarding, reporting and data analytics capabilities across all suite modules. Offered in the UK, the AQUADVANCED® suite includes:
  • AQUADVANCED® Water Supply, a real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks, proven to bring down energy costs.
  • AQUADVANCED® Water Networks, an advanced analytics tool for monitoring water quality and losses in distribution networks in real time.
  • AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, a solution for flood prevention, bathing water quality and monitoring, and environmental protection that helps optimise wastewater operations and asset performance.
  • AQUADVANCED® Plant for both water and wastewater plants.