Leakage technicians

Our leakage technician team aim to reduce leakage either through proactive leak detection or by following up ‘potential leaks’ identified by SUEZ technologies. They accurately pin-point leak positions and the capture of all the pertinent details to ensure our customers have all the necessary information they require to expedite prompt and effective repairs.
Hard to find leaks

Hard to find leaks

Water leakage is a challenge for utilities in the UK and as targets get tougher, water companies are looking for more ways to find leaks. On the whole, larger leaks in urban areas have been found and it is the smaller and less obvious leaks that are now being tackled. Often, this calls for more specialized technologies and more experienced leakage technicians.

Hard to find leaks on trunk mains

Pinpointing leaks on trunk mains can be very challenging in both the urban and rural environment. Our teams have the experience, equipment and support to investigate suspected trunk mains losses on trunk mains regardless on material or diameter.
BOTG leakage technicians

BOTG leakage technicians

SUEZ now has Boots on the Ground (BOTG) capabilities. Our leakage technicians assist in the application of SUEZ technologies such as Satellite Leak Detection, Helium Gas Leak Detection and the Leak Detection Orb.

Experienced specialists

The SUEZ technicians are highly motivated specialists with many years of experience finding those hard to find leaks that have evaded detection. They use the latest data and analysis from the SUEZ technologies and use acoustics and noise logging equipment on the ground to direct them.

All our technicians hold leak detection and QHSE qualifications, have received accredited training on SUEZ technologies as well as extensive in-field experience.

Our SUEZ technicians operate all over the UK and offer Project Management support for client teams if necessary.