Odour solutions

Odour can have a significant impact on public health and quality of life. We work with industry leaders and local councils to identify the source of the issue and design a sustainable answer. Our efficient treatment solutions tackle unpleasant odours to create a healthy environment and foster good relationships with the local community.


Innovative odour treatment solutions for air quality


An innovative odour treatment solution that provides both confinement and treatment at the emission source. This low maintenance technology removes a broad range of pollutants and consumes no energy, making it a cost-efficient and sustainable choice.


This energy-efficient solution kills 95% of odours with a chemical-free process that organically breaks down bacteria. It has a lifespan of 7-10 years and is easy to maintain.

AirAdvanced®-Explore 360

A diagnostic service designed to investigate and gather representative datasets to ensure a comprehensive understanding of air quality. This solution determines pollution sources, site performance and produces a practical action plan.


An integrated air quality management platform that provides real-time monitoring for urban and industrial environments. This high-precision decision-making tool can act as an early warning system, evaluate future scenarios and generate automatic reports.

Odour Barrier

The capture and treatment of odorous air is often tricky in the case of diffuse emissions. This is why we implement alternative treatment practices such as odour neutralizers and masking agents as part of our odour management strategy. This odour barrier mitigates nuisance odours and prevents diffusion and impact within the surrounding environment while optimizing the associated operating costs.

Why choose us?

How we can help you achieve your net-zero goals

  • Improving the quality of life by reducing air pollutants
  • Reputational benefits of improving air quality
  • Health benefits of reducing harmful emissions
  • Environmental benefits of measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adaptable, intelligent and efficient indoor or outdoor solutions
  • Economic benefits of real-time monitoring (e.g. identifying leaks)