AQUADVANCED® Plant: real-time, 360° control of water and sanitation plant performance

AQUADVANCED® Plant is a decision support system dedicated to operators for the continuous improvement of the performance of drinking water and wastewater plants. Thanks to this modular and customizable digital platform, operators comply with water quality regulations while optimizing operating costs through detailed monitoring of assets and their interactions.

Advantages for drinking water:

  • Adaptation to the specificities of each plant's processes
  • Optimum reagent dosage injection
  • Water quality compliance monitoring
  • Optimisation of membrane maintenance

Advantages for waste water:

  • Treated water compliance monitoring
  • Optimisation of the main treatment processes in each area (water, sludge, air)
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment conditions to predict required maintenance and prioritise replacements
  • Dispersion systems for odor nuisances
  • Real-time monitoring and precise analysis of compliance, effectiveness of interventions, operating costs and treatment process efficiency, etc.
  • Early detection of deviations, contextual alerts and risk anticipation of process and equipment anomalies
  • Smart alarm management: urgency allocation, filtering and grouping
  • Analysis and performance overviews customised for each operator
  • Real time, multi-plant dashboard shared among stakeholders
  • Preventive maintenance, tailored to the condition of the equipment
  • Equipment ageing modelling and calculation of replacement strategies
  • Calculation of optimised operational strategies
  • Modules for treatment process optimisation and control
  • Optimised consumption of energy and reagents


Credit: SUEZ group

Success cases
  • STEP Biarritz: detection of an energy over-consumption by a ventilator resulting in some 14% saving over 75 000 kWh/year