Smart metering

With over 15 years’ experience and more than 5.6 million smart meters, SUEZ is the European leader for smart metering solutions. SUEZ offers UK water utilities a tailored solution to cover their different topographies with the best performing and most efficient technologies.
Smart metering

SUEZ is a smart water meter infrastructure developer and aggregator, bringing together the best for each customer. Our team provides water utility customers with end-to-end support: equipment supply, communication network deployment with WIZE technology, ON’Connect software to manage the network, operations supervision, data collection and transmission.


SUEZ promotes the WIZE standard as experience shows it offers the greatest balance for the water industry and, when needed, it can be integrated with legacy or emerging technologies.


In the UK, SUEZ has joined forces with DIEHL Metering and Magdalene (MGroup) to bring you the highest quality at each step of the end-to-end solution – including meter, network and data services.


Smart metering plays an important part in the plan to protect water supplies for future generations. It enables end customers to understand their consumption, identify leaks on their property and manage their finances.


For utilities, smart meters provide multiple benefits including leak detection in the network and on their customer’s properties, a better customer service, enhanced awareness campaigns, resource management and production planning.

SUEZ Smart Metering

Credit: SUEZ UK

WIZE Technology

The WIZE technology is a low-power, long-range and bi-directional radio communication that operates around the 169 MHz frequency. WIZE is especially designed for radio communication in the constrained environment and hard to access locations that are typical in the UK water industry network and across urban and rural areas.


Smart metering in this industry is particularly challenging because of the varied and challenging conditions of the meter locations and the need to ensure asset life of more than 15 years. The WIZE solution combines the benefits of a technology designed with the real world in mind and the SUEZ experience deploying smart metering solutions around the world.


OPEN An open standard based on the European standard 13757-x available for the main meter manufacturers, including DIEHL, ITRON, ELSTER , ARAD and SENSUS.


EASY Deployment of the solution is simple and fast: repeater free, no paring of complex end-point configuration


15+ YEARS The water meter lifecycle is 15-20 years depending on the data granularity and configuration


SAFE WIZE operates over the protected and license-free 169.4-169.475 MHz channel. OfCom allocates this channel for the use of bi-directional metering devices

Data analytics

SUEZ offers the different building blocks that a water utility may require to make the most of their smart metering solution – for the customer, for the community and for the water managers.


The ON’Connect platform is an award-winning software suite of solutions to implement the services required to deploy and end-to-end service or to integrate into the existing IT/OT system (e.g. Temetra’s MDM).

On’Connect is natively integrated into Aquadvanced Networks, SUEZ’s hypervision tool for the water distribution infrastructure, allowing the Utility to be more effective in tackling leakage and incidences on that side of the meter.


Additional variants of ON’Connect provide more specific facilities for customers.

An alliance to deliver in the UK

SUEZ has a partnership up with DIEHL and Magdalene to deliver smart metering in the UK.


DIEHL meters are known to be accurate, reliable, durable and robust, just as the WIZE technology. These ‘plug & play’ meters are ready to be installed; no need for on-site configuration or tricky set-up processes. DIEHL’s WIZE meter installation is as simple as installing a dumb meter.


A communication network is the backbone of an AMI solution, hence SUEZ has partnered with Magdalene to make the telecommunication network infrastructure available in the UK. Part of MGroup Services, Magdalene has the same parent company as Morrisons Utility Services. Not only do they have intimate knowledge of the UK Utility Sector, they are leaders in the UK for telecommunications infrastructure, working with all the major mobile telecommunications providers, helping them identify, acquire and deploy their critical sites.

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