The mission

Mont de Marsan water authority decided to implement smart metering on all its meters after a conclusive test in 2016.

Following the successful trial, the Mont de Marsan water authority decided to roll out smart metering across its entire perimeter, with the aim of improving billing, enhancing meter management performance and, above all, preventing water loss.

Our solution

SUEZ installed a full smart metering system for the utility. By the end of 2022 all 26,000 water meters within the scope of the water authority equipped for smart metering

SUEZ metering is an integrated remote water meter reading solution that can be installed and operated by SUEZ. This includes: 

  • Market leading DIEHL meters
  • Wize protocol
  • 24 indexes/day
  • Daily transmissions: 1, 4 or 8 submissions/day
  • Compact for easy installation in tight spaces
  • Waterproof and durable with a lifespan of >15years
  • Bidirectional, providing remote diagnosis and problem solving, software updates, etc

The result


At first, we were very sceptical about smart metering, but we were convinced by the efficiency of meter reception. Today, with 99.3% performance, we're very satisfied.
Thanks to remote reading, we can quickly warn users about their leaks; we sometimes get thanks from subscribers who have been notified of a leak they weren't aware of, and that's a source of satisfaction for the managers.


Jean-Jacques Dubourg, Smart metering manager, Régie des eaux de Mont-de-Marsan  


Specifically, the results of installing the smart metering services included:

  • Meter Reception: 99.3% performance 
  • Change Management: The deployment of smart metering has led to a change in the way the team of operators organizes their work; they can now focus on supervision and alarm handling. 
  • Reduced Maintenance: The operational teams are able to manage the meter park much more efficiently and effectively with the automatic detection of anomalies. More can be achieved remotely and there has been a reduction of interventions in the field.
  • Network Efficiency: By making volumes and billing more reliable, smart metering helped improve network efficiency. It also gives an overview of major water backflows, enabling users to be made aware of these anomalies and, if necessary, to have valves installed.
  • Leakage & customer services: Customer are very satisfied with the improved level of services; they are able to monitor their consumption and, above all, to be alerted quickly in the event of a leak. The utility can now alert users when a leak is detected in their home so they can repair leaks in a few days before the bills get too high.

Case study : Mont de Marsan rolls out SUEZ smart metering across their network