Real-time water networks management

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks (AAWN) by SUEZ is a comprehensive real-time software solution designed to continuously monitor and manage the performance of drinking water networks. It offers a platform that collects and processes massive amount of data from various sources, allowing operators and communities to quickly detect and manage problems, reduce water losses, maintain water quality, and meet regulatory compliance.
Key features

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks: A powerful water networks monitoring tool

Drinking water utilities require AQUADVANCED® Water Networks to address challenges such as reducing water losses, ensuring water quality, guaranteeing supply, and improving operational and economic performance.Its real-time monitoring capabilities empower utilities face these challenges by:

  • Detecting leaks and breaks in the water network in real time
  • Identifying and responding to water quality problems
  • Forecasting water demand and managing supply
  • Optimising the operation of pumps and valves
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Improving customer service

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks offers the following unique features:

  • Real-time solution: The software can monitor the network and detect problems in real time and all in one platform. This is important for quickly identifying and fixing leaks, which can help to reduce water losses and improve water quality.
  • Modular solution: It can be customised to meet the specific needs of each utility, making it a more cost-effective solution than other, more generic solutions.
  • Cloud-based solution: It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it a more flexible and scalable solution compared to on-premise solutions
  • Team expertise: It is backed by the SUEZ team of experts with a proven track record in the water industry. This ensures that utilities can get the most out of AAWN and achieve their water management goals.

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks has the ability to consolidate and analyse vast amounts of data from multiple sensors and sources across a single platform. It provides a centralised view of acoustic loggers, customer complaints, smart meters, and more, which eliminate guesswork and enable utilities to predict and prevent leaks and bursts. Its Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping overlay and machine learning further enhance its predictive capabilities.

Real-time water networks management with AQUADVANCED® Water Networks - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Integrated process

Streamlined water monitoring system

The AQUADVANCED® Water Networks process operates by following three phases:


1. Data Collection
The software collects data from a variety of sources, including sensors, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, historical database, hydraulic models, remote reading systems, and more.

2. Data Processing
This innovative digital solution uses advanced algorithms to process the data and identify potential problems in the network, including leakage detection and identification of water flow changes.
3. Data Presentation
The software presents the data it collects and analyses in a variety of ways, including:
  • Real-time dashboards to show water network status
  • Cartographic representations to identify problematic areas
  • Dedicated views for different users
  • Event manager to track and manage events in the water network, as well as to notify operators of potential problems and to track repair progress, among others

Enhanced water management system

As a real-time software quite, AQUADVANCED® Water Networks covers the entire water cycle, providing them with enhanced capabilities in monitoring, predictive analytics, and advanced control. Among its benefits include:

  • Reduced water losses: AQUADVANCED® Water Networks has shown its capacity to reduce water losses by up to 20% globally, offering potential savings to utilities while contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Improved water quality: It helps utilities improve water quality by accurately and continuously monitoring water quality at all points in the network. Operators will be able to understand features of the distributed water like source, mixing, and chlorination level, as well as identify and qualify the impact of accidental intrusion on the network.
  • Guaranteed supply: It helps utilities guarantee the supply of drinking water by detecting and eventually fixing leaks quickly, which prevent outages and disruptions to service.
  • Improved operational efficiency: It helps optimise operational efficiency by providing real-time data and insights into the network. This helps water utilities make better decisions and save money.
  • Reduced costs: It helps bring down overall costs by reducing water losses, improving equipment maintenance, optimising water purchases and transport costs, and more.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements: It helps utilities align with the UK government's target to reduce leakage by 50% by 2050 and meet Ofwat's recommendation for a 15%-16% leakage reduction by 2025.

Complementing AQUADVANCED® Water Networks are other SUEZ solutions that combat leakage, reduce expenses, and secure water sources, such as the innovative satellite leak detection and other advanced tools and systems. Discover more here.

Operator-focused solution

The AQUADVANCED® suite is made for operators

The AQUADVANCED® suite has benefitted from many thousands of collective working years of experience by SUEZ as a water and wastewater operating company globally. 

The suite is made for operators. For over 15 years the digital solutions teams have worked directly with operators at the front face of water company control rooms to make sure that the solutions work for them, providing operators with practical tools to make their roles and operations run smoothly. 

AQUADVANCED® is built on a common database platform that is optimised for the real-time collection, verification, storage, display and analysis of data coming from multiple sources. Furthermore, a common data visualisation platform offers advanced dashboarding, reporting and data analytics capabilities across all suite modules. 

Offered in the UK, the AQUADVANCED® suite includes:

AQUADVANCED® Water Supply, a real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks, proven to bring down energy costs.
AQUADVANCED® Water Networks, an advanced analytics tool for monitoring water quality and losses in distribution networks in real time.
AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, a solution for flood prevention, bathing water quality and monitoring, and environmental protection that helps optimise wastewater operations and asset performance.
AQUADVANCED® Plant for both water and wastewater plants.

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