Wastewater pipework cleaning

Ice Pigging™ is an innovative pipeline cleaning solution that uses a thick ice slurry. An alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques, Ice Pigging™ is highly effective, low-risk and suitable for all types of pipework.
Ice Pigging™ for wastewater and effluent

Wastewater pipes or sewers, need to be kept clean for a variety of reasons. Ice Pigging™ is normally the safest and most cost-effective solution.

From an environmental standpoint, this low-risk sewage pipe cleaning solution means less chance of contamination and helps to ensure compliance with discharge regulations/permits.
From a practical point of view, cleaner pipes will improve flow rate, increase pump efficiencies and lessen the chance of blockages or leaks.

Ice pigging is a highly effective method of industrial sewer cleaning. It’s a quick, easy, low-risk process that’s carried out on-site, normally in just a few hours.

This solution harnesses the complex properties of semi-solid ice, which can be pumped like a liquid, but acts like a solid when a ‘pig’ of ice is formed within a pipe. Under pressure this removes sediment and built-up deposits to leave the pipe clear and obstruction-free. A relatively quick process, it also leaves pipe walls undamaged.

There are many advantages to Ice Pigging™

Clean: Removes fouling, sediments, grit and other materials that can cause poor flows and odours
Time: Minimal down time – most pipes can be cleaned in 3-4 hours
Flexible: Ice Pigging™ can work with differing diameters, complex turns and valves
Cost: Can eliminate waste tankering and reduces energy costs by increasing pumping efficiencies.
Expenditure: Very often Ice Pigging™ removes the need for the capital replacement of pumps of pipelines.
Protection: Less stress on the pipework as the pumps can work at design specification.
No-dig: Ice Pigging™ requires no excavation; a genuine ‘no-dig’ technique.
Exceptionally low risk: If ice were ever to get stuck it would simply melt.
Environmental Benefits: Reduces the risk of sewage flooding into the environment or nearby properties.
Sewage pipes

There are two reasons why sewer pipe cleaning is necessary for a reliable and efficient network:


First, fat, oil, and grease (FOGs) can build up inside industrial sewer pipes. This reduces the flow and will lead to increased biofilm build-up and potentially the hydrogen sulphide smell that consumers complain about.


Second, it makes sense to purge sewage pipes of sediment and debris as this will increase performance and the service life of pumps and valves as well as helping to save energy.

Ice pigging - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

50% increase in flow 
seen on average by customers *
* Average flow increase of 50% on rising sewer operations
Sewer mains cleaning service
SUEZ offers an Ice Pigging™ service across the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe. Tankers of ice slurry are transported to a customers’ site to undertake one-off or periodic cleaning. This low-risk, no-dig process can be applied to a wide range of pipe systems in diverse industrial, water and wastewater applications.

“The success of this operation meant that the client was able to cancel an expensive capital project to replace the pipe, a saving of over £700,000.” 

Business Development Manager

“We were really pleased with the results of these operations; the flow increases at each site means that we no longer need to run tankers from these stations during bad weather. This technique has been useful at a number of...

Wessex Water

Wessex Water

Increasing flow rates in small diameter rising sewers.



Pre-commissioning clean of large diameter district heating network.



PiggingTM applied to increase pressures and flow rates in brine injection network.