Real-time drainage and environmental management

Aquadvanced Urban Drainage is a SUEZ solution for flood prevention, bathing water quality and monitoring, and environmental protection. It also helps you optimise wastewater operations and asset performance. This real-time software predicts when an event, such as flooding, will occur and assesses the best strategy for minimising its effects while maximising capacity. If remote control is enabled, Aquadvanced Urban Drainage operates your system automatically without human input.
A multi-level solution

Aquadvanced Urban Drainage: A multi-level solution

Aquadvanced Urban Drainage can be implemented at different levels, adapting the system to your current technology and digital maturity. The system includes the following complementary modules:

  • Monitoring module: A geographical dashboard of the sewerage network continuously monitors the hydraulic situation of the network and the quality of discharges into the natural environment. It also provides a detailed analysis of rainfall, calculates performance indicators and monitors field operations.
  • Early Warning / Anticipation module: This models and predicts impacts on the natural environment or the sewerage system to prevent and manage flooding risks in urban areas or pollution to rivers and coastal waters.
  • Advanced Control / Dynamic Management module: Calculating optimised operating strategies in real time, this module automatically controls system actuators, enabling coordinated management with wastewater treatment plants.

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Managing your network intelligently

Managing your network intelligently: monitor water quality, minimise risk of flooding

Managing your network is much easier with real-time visibility and predictions of abnormal events and risks well in advance.


The system determines the most efficient management strategy and implements it. This enables you to:

  • Increase system capacity through optimal use of the infrastructure for storage and treatment.
  • Reduce water discharged into the environment by using storage and treatment capacity more efficiently; our customers have reported a 30 – 40% reduction in discharges.
  • Monitor river and bathing water quality in real time.
  • Minimise risk of flooding with warning of an event 24 hours in advance and clear support for decision-making.
  • Increase the system’s capacity and so reduce or eliminate the need to invest in additional storage capacity, economising on capital expenditure.
Operator-focused solution

The AQUADVANCED® suite is made for operators

The AQUADVANCED® suite has benefitted from many thousands of collective working years of experience by SUEZ as a water and wastewater operating company globally. 

The suite is made for operators. For over 15 years the digital solutions teams have worked directly with operators at the front face of water company control rooms to make sure that the solutions work for them, providing operators with practical tools to make their roles and operations run smoothly. 

AQUADVANCED® is built on a common database platform that is optimised for the real-time collection, verification, storage, display and analysis of data coming from multiple sources. Furthermore, a common data visualisation platform offers advanced dashboarding, reporting and data analytics capabilities across all suite modules. 

Offered in the UK, the AQUADVANCED® suite includes:

AQUADVANCED® Water Supply, a real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks, proven to bring down energy costs.
AQUADVANCED® Water Networks, an advanced analytics tool for monitoring water quality and losses in distribution networks in real time.
AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, a solution for flood prevention, bathing water quality and monitoring, and environmental protection that helps optimise wastewater operations and asset performance.
AQUADVANCED® Plant for both water and wastewater plants.
Case Studies

AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage in Paris

The challenge: The Paris water utility is responsible for wastewater for a population of 8.6 million via a network of 300 miles of sewer network, five treatment plants, 150 monitoring points and with 800,000 m³ storage capacity.

The solution: SUEZ deployed AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage to control and reduce spills into the receiving body, limit the risks of overflow, protecting the urban environment from flood risk. Importantly it helped to optimise the treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment plant.

The results: The results made a significant difference:

  • 35% reduction in discharges, thus reducing the health and environmental pollution risks
  • Managing flood crisis situations with 6-hour notification before a flood
  • 10% increase in wastewater treatment plant capacity
  • Optimised the capacity of existing installations, saving €250 million in additional storage tanks


Reduced discharges

€250 M

Saved from additional storage tanks


Increase in wastewater plant capacity

Limiting storm water overflow and pollution to protect Biarritz beaches

A case study with Basque Country Agglomeration Community
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