Craig Lewis joins SUEZ to lead air quality in UK

Craig Lewis joins SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions as UK Business Development Manager for the Air & Climate Division. He joins from Cardiff Council where he was responsible for ensuring the effective management of all aspects associated with air quality, including the delivery of major air quality driven projects. At SUEZ, his role is to introduce the portfolio of AirAdvanced® services and solutions to address public health, climate change & odour.

Craig is a career specialist on air quality having worked in the sector for over 10 years. His experience spans private and public organisations and across all aspects associated with air quality; regulatory monitoring, engineering performance, consultancy and local air quality management.

The appointment of Craig to this new role, along with the UK based delivery team, makes way for SUEZ to roll out its expertise and technologies across the UK. Within SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions, the Air & Climate division recognises the rising pressures to address poor air quality to protect public health and preserve the natural environment. SUEZ is committed to achieving and improving air quality levels to as low as reasonably practicable.

The Air & Climate Division has developed a global approach for the management of air quality and has been integrating solutions and delivering services for reducing atmospheric pollution and nuisance odours for more than 20 years. The SUEZ AirAdvanced® service provides a comprehensive end-to-end service to necessitate the delivery of objectives to improve air quality. Here SUEZ’s offering serves to diagnose, remediate, optimise and review; a tailored service accommodating the needs of each client and site.

Passionate about putting real solutions in the right places, Craig is delighted to join the SUEZ team;

Jérôme Arnaudis, SUEZ Global Director of Air, commented;
“We are delighted to welcome Craig Lewis to our team. He brings a wealth of air quality experience and knowledge of the challenges facing industry and councils in the UK.”


Media: Charlotte Thursz
[email protected]