Welsh Water choose Aquadvanced energy* for distribution network optimisation and control

SUEZ has recently been awarded a contract by Welsh Water for the implementation of its Aquadvanced Energy system (formerly known as Derceto’s Aquadapt). Aquadvanced Energy is a proven real-time optimisation system for pumping, production, and storage optimisation that operates systems more efficiently and increases service resilience.

Welsh Water is committed to delivering the best service at the most efficient cost and, consequently, the initial phase will cover the Cardiff and Newport water system in south Wales. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, Welsh Water is looking to have better overall visibility of decision making in the distribution of water in an ever-complex environment. The Aquadvanced system will also help to increase operational flexibility and system resilience in order to meet current and future challenges, as well as positively contribute to a lower environmental footprint.

Matthew Stephenson, Director of Water Utilities at SUEZ’s Water Technologies and Solutions, said: “Aquadvanced Energy* brings computational power to decision making in the distribution of water. Taking a system approach can lead to significant environmental and commercial efficiencies and reduce pumping energy bills by around 10-15%. We are very pleased to see that more UK water companies are looking to optimise their networks with such sophisticated digital solutions."

Aquadvanced Energy* applies a holistic approach over the whole system and determines the optimal solution for delivering and transferring drinking water for each and every asset in the distribution network. The software is designed to enhance automation and control by using data collected from the production-distribution system and can be used to automate control operations.

In addition to savings in load shifting, benefits can also include significant system efficiencies such as reduction in water production, improved water quality and increased system resilience.

* is now known as AQUADVANCED® Water Supply


Media: Charlotte Thursz
[email protected]