Northumbrian Water latest water company to trial satellite leak detection

Water companies in the UK are quickly realising the benefits of satellite imagery for detecting leaks which can help them to achieve their 15% leakage reduction recently set by Ofwat.

Exclusive providers of the technology in the UK and Ireland, SUEZ has already helped several companies save thousands upon thousands of litres of water and Northumbrian Water are the latest water company to trial satellite leak detection in County Durham and rural parts of Northumberland.

The technology is able to process 3500 square kilometres of an area in one single image and works to detect leaks within a network by providing points of interest (POI’s). The POI’s make for much more efficient groundwork carried out by field technicians.

Northumbrian Water′s network performance technical specialist, Joseph Butterfield, said: “This is extremely exciting technology that opens up a whole world of leakage detection benefits for us and we′re delighted to be working with SUEZ UK on the project and to see what we find and can fix.

“The sheer speed of the process, the detail it gives and the distances the images cover is fantastic and should really help us improve our performance around finding and fixing leaks and saving water.”

Nick Haskins of SUEZ UK had this to say: “We′re very excited to be teaming up with Northumbrian Water on this project and are really excited to see what impact it can have on the company′s performance around leakage.

“Using satellite technology to locate and fix water leaks is the most up-to-date and innovative method there is out there and it gives water companies the ability to survey the whole water pipe network in a single operation. This, of course, has the added benefit of being completely discreet to the customer and without any disruption to them.”


Media: Charlotte Thursz
[email protected]