AQUADVANCED® Well Watch: manage drilling site performance in real time

AQUADVANCED® Well Watch is the first global solution to continuously monitor and optimise the performance of wells and their pumps.
  • Dashboard of the key performance indicators of the pump and the well
  • Overview of the well field with data updated daily, alerts and links to ‘’open data’’ hydrogeological data sources
  • Record of maintenance operations and planning of future operations
  • Preservation and optimisation of access points
  • Use of well-adapted regeneration protocols as a per required frequencies


Aquadvanced Well Watch presentation (English version)

Credit: Aquadvanced Well Watch

  • Increase of wells and pumps lifespan
  • Reduced operating and investment costs
  • Well-managed water ressource and sustainable availability of underground resources
  • Controlled water resource and secured access to underground resources
  • Optimisation of maintenance plans