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Satellite surveillance turns the tide on wastewater woes

Satellite surveillance for wastewater networks is a transformative solution by SUEZ and technology partner ASTERRA that reshapes how we tackle escapes of wastewater, protect our environment, and optimise utility resources.
Wastewater issues have been hogging the headlines recently. Overflow incidents, wastewater escapes and environmental concerns have garnered significant attention and disapproval from regulators, as well as celebrity critics and environmental organisations.  

Equally increasing in the UK utilities’ commitment to finding effective, cost-conscious solutions. As reported by news sources, the goal is to reduce pollution overflow incidents by up to 140,000 annually by 2030. 

The wonders of satellite surveillance

Satellite surveillance for wastewater networks is a transformative solution that will help reshape how escapes and seepages are tackled. 

Satellite leak detection, brought to the UK by SUEZ and ASTERRA to help drinking water companies with their leakage problems, is now being trialed by UK, US and European utilities for wastewater management, and the results are impressive. 

The sector is navigating a complex maze of challenges and sourcing complexities to master energy management. As well as purchasing from regular energy suppliers, utilities have vast capabilities to harness wind and solar power, as well as generate their own energy from in-line hydro and from biogas production.

In a thought leadership piece for the Water Industry Journal written by SUEZ Business Development Manager Nick Haskins he sheds light on the process. To learn more about the potential satellite surveillance on wastewater networks, click here.