Global Smart Water Metering and Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress 2024

Live In London & Online
From 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM local time
  • Once again, SUEZ is the Data Analytics for Water Saving sponsor of the Global Smart Water Metering & Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress 2024.


    The Global Smart Water Metering & Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress is the world's premier global congress, designed to help water utilities develop faster and more efficient management systems, reflecting the true value of water and supply delivery targets.


    With numerous water utilities worldwide evaluating AMI trials and commencing smaller-scale rollouts, there are resulting questions to answer: How can the industry quantify the tangible value and benefits of using more granular data? In a world bound by financial constraints, those deciding to choose AMI over AMR are confronted with another pressing question: is the ROI worthwhile?

    This is an international platform for all those in the business of delivering improved efficiency for their particular water utility, the Global Smart Water Metering Congress will draw in world-wide practitioners, from around the world including Spain, France, UK, Ireland, USA, Portugal, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and many others.


    SUEZ Smart Metering expert, Samuel Loyson, will present at the event.


    The Congress offers Practical Case Studies, Solutions And More including


    • Learn how to realise the strategic benefits of smart water metering through innovative approaches to ensure that investments in technology yield sustained value
    • Advance data analysis processing to deliver crucial benefits by calibrating data analysis processing to navigate tomorrow's challenges proficiently
    • Achieve data-driven excellence in enhancing leak detection and fostering climate resilience amidst extreme weather events
    • Discover actionable solutions on enhancing data granularity, capable of revealing more intricate and frequent data
    • Hear how water utilities are integrating AI and Machine Learning to discern individual patterns and deliver predictive insights and timely alerts on unusual consumption

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    Global Smart Water Metering & Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress 2024