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One of the most important requirements in taking samples for analysis is the guarantee they are received at the laboratory in an efficient, effective and timely manner. *This service is now provided by Normec
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Our logistics service for collecting samples

We have numerous strategically positioned sample reception sites around the UK, as well as our central London locations. We offer a cost effective, reliable and efficient sample transfer system with collection services throughout the UK. All conform to the legislative and guidance requirements for samples processed within a 24 hour period from sampling.


For the majority of the UK, we operate a fleet of dedicated collection vehicles for the collection of soils, waste materials and waters for chemical analysis.


Desktop and mobile app for managing sample data

Samplefy™ is a desktop and mobile app for submitting, recording and viewing sample data. It’s available 24/7 to our customers and provides a fast and easy method for engineers to:
Access results and certificates of analysis
Generate bespoke reports such as AGS, HWOL and CSV
Submit sample data to the laboratory using a smart phone when operating in the field. 
Our brochures

At our Latis and DETS laboratories, we offer a full range of environmental determinands including: metals, organics (TPH, PAHs, VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides) all standard water quality parameters (pH, EC, anions, BOD, COD, TSS, TDS etc), plus specialist soil tests. We also offer a range of specialist waste analyses including TOC, LoI, SRF, ADF, CV, WAC and other leaching tests.