Leak detection for Affinity Water with iDroloc

Find out how Affinity Water locate leaks in their network with iDroloc, an innovative technique using helium tracer gas in this customer case study.
The issue

Issue: How to identify leak location?

Affinity Water managers were aware of number of leaks in the network but were unable to locate them using traditional methods such as listening sticks and correlators. Previous attempts had resulted in a number of dry holes.
The solution

Solution: iDroloc leak detection system

iDroloc is an effective leak detection system that uses helium as a tracer gas. This innovative technique allows a full leakage survey to be carried out without any disruption to customers' supplies. The technology can be applied to all pipe diameters and used in both urban and rural districts.
The results

Results: 5 leaks detected

iDroloc detected 5 leaks in the District Metered Areas (DMA) surveyed. All of the repairs have been made and no dry holes were identified which proves its reliability when compared to the more traditional methods. Furthermore, this DMA was located in one of the busiest traffic zones in Luton, but with careful planning and some work carried out at night, no customer disruption was reported.