Finding leaks for United Utilities with iDroloc

Find out how United Utilities locate leaks in their network when traditional methods had not been successful. This case study explores their use of iDroloc’s effective leak detection system using helium tracer gas.
The issue

Issue: Unable to locate leak location

United Utilities managers were aware of the existence of leaks in their network but were unable to locate them. Traditional methods such as listening sticks and correlators only resulted in several dry holes along a stretch of Lowther Crescent.
The solutions

Solution: Leak detection with iDroloc

iDroloc is an effective leak detection system that uses helium as a tracer gas to prevent any interruptions to the water service, providing an innovative solution compared to more traditional techniques. The technology can be applied to large diameter mainlines, small distribution pipes, or connections within an urban area, providing a unique adaptable solution.
The results

Results: Leak location identified and repaired

Throughout the network survey, iDroloc got a clear reading of an abnormal amount of helium which indicates the presence of water underground and the possibility of a leak. SUEZ technicians marked a one metre square area based on the helium readings. The repair was undertaken a few days later and the leak was located exactly in the demarked area which demonstrates the accuracy of iDroloc compared to acoustic and traditional methods.