As the established market leader and pioneer in water treatment processes and technologies in India for over four decades, SUEZ has taken a leading role in shaping and transforming the industry by transferring international expertise, in designing and building state-of-the-art infrastructures with advanced technologies adapted to local condition.

To produce drinking water to meet demand

Today, with the growing scarcity of the freshwater resources, local authorities and municipal corporations are looking at all the possible sources of water - surface water, groundwater, brackish water or seawater to meet high-quality drinking water demand. The production of drinking water, thus, requires expertise in multiple technologies and processes, which involves knowledge of water resources. The implementation of a treatment system to produce water that is suitable for drinking depends on the quantity of water available, its quality (taking into account the possible seasonal variations), cost-economics and environmental constraints.



Cases of water-borne diseases registered in India over five years to 2017.



new urban residents in India by 2050.



of global annual total of groundwater is extracted in India

* Source: As per figures mentioned in reports published by Lok Sabha, UN, Centre for Water Resources Development and Management etc                                                                                                        

Help you implement appropriate solutions for drinking water production

Water resources are a determining factor in the implementation of an optimal drinking water production system. Through the design of treatment systems ranging from the traditional to the more sophisticated, we offer the local authorities technical solutions that meet their requirements.

of operational experience in India
litres of drinking water distributed everyday, through SUEZ run plants in the country
people benefiting across the country

Design, build and operate a water treatment plant

Several stages are generally necessary to produce drinking water with different treatment techniques being implemented (settling, flotation, adsorption on activated carbon, filtration, etc.)

We take charge of all the stages involved in designing and building water treatment plants. We have a dedicated in-house robust Design & Engineering team that support all projects. We also offer "ergonomic" facilities designed to make day-to-day activities easier for the future operator. From the contemporary to the state-of-the-art including Ultrafilter/Reverse Osmosis membrane-based systems, we offer local authorities, solutions to meet their quality requirements, viz.:

  • State-of-the-art proven technologies suited to Indian conditions
  • Robust and efficient treatment process
  • Low water losses
  • Fully automatic plant with SCADA controls
  • Compact plant layout and optimum land usage

    Our in-house expertise includes:

      - managing a wide range of water quality
      - treatment technologies to meet all kinds of treatment objective
      - designing and constructing energy-efficient robust & small footprint treatment facilities
      - operation and maintenance preserving and prolonging the useful life of the assets.

    With focus on 

       - health and safety, which is the essence of all our activities - from plant design & construction to operation and   
       - ecology and the environment

    Technological cooperation creates value and differentiation

    With our expertise in water treatment and experience acquired at numerous plants, SUEZ teams up with appropriate equipment manufacturers to optimize treatment solutions, new energy recovery systems and new sources of alternative energy.

    Also, by calling on partners to contribute on know-how outside our areas of expertise, we extend our  competitiveness, project delivery services and after sales for the long term benefit of our clients.

    Dedicated specialist teams

    Having experts in design, build, equipment and operation, we are able to draw on the particular skills of our employees for each project to create a response that meets the specific needs of its customers.

    The commitment and motivation of the team enable us to deliver high performance, energy-efficient and reliable plants to our customers, within short timescales and at an optimal capital and operating cost, and to guarantee the quality of water required by the natural receiving environment or the objective for which the water is reused.

Delhi Jal Board
Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board
Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai