Urban or industrial wastewater treatement produces sludge. This sludge is then treated with a view to being recovered or destroyed. A number of treatment phases, from thickening to drying, allow the sludge to be recovered, for example as agricultural fertiliser or fuel for incineration plants.

Define and choose the optimal treatment solution for sludge reduction and recovery

The increasing volume of sludge produced by water treatment, in line with population growth and urban sprawl, is a major cause for concern for local authorities and operators. Treating sludge to reduce volume and to transform it into recoverable products has become a necessity. 

SUEZ helps you to define and choose the optimal sludge treatment solution for you according to:

  • the origin and composition of the sludge and treatment by-products
  • the final destination of the sludge (recycling, recovery, disposal)

 SUEZ proposes various technical solutions to recycle, destroy and recover sludge and treatment by-products:

Innovative sludge management techniques

Each year, SUEZ invests €74 million in more than 65 research and development programs so that our customers benefit from the most efficient solutions and high-performance technologies on the market.
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