The essence of proper Operation & Maintenance is to extend the lifecycle of the client’s assets with minimal cost attached to the activity and deliver the guaranteed results consistently and continuously.

Your challenges

As the demand for water and sanitation are increasing, the public authorities are now looking for solutions that minimize their operational cost. By containing their costs in this way, they are able to provide their citizens with quality drinking water and discharge treated wastewater back into the natural environment or reuse it for other purposes. These targets are to be met while keeping energy consumption to a minimum and protecting the environment in accordance with health and environment safety standards.

Our solutions

SUEZ has developed its organization and systems to meet these legitimated expectations of the client by a fool proof design, and a competent and qualified team in place at all its installations. Currently, SUEZ is in charge of O&M for more than 25 plants in major cities in India. SUEZ has the expertise to operate:

  • Water and wastewater treatment plant designed and built by SUEZ
  • Water and wastewater treatment plant designed and built by any other companies
  • Sewage Network
  • Water Distribution network and offering the utilities complete customers’ services cycle including meter reading, bill generation and revenue collection

As part of the operation and maintenance contracts, we undertake, among other elements:

  • Management of production and treatment processes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Analytical monitoring throughout the treatment stages, up to delivery of the treated water to customers
  • Complete management of the assets’ life cycle, from preventive and corrective maintenance (repair) of facilities and electro-mechanical equipment, instruments and control-command systems, to renewal of assets
  • Integrated staff management and application of social responsibility rules
  • Integrated management of the supply chain, purchases and logistics
  • Management of sites conforming to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 50001 certifications
  • Drafting of customized customer reports (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Complete administrative and financial management
  • Green space management, site caretaking, external works maintenance, etc.

The principal features of our O&M activities are:

  • Well trained teams
  • Continuous research and improvements
  • Guaranteed technical performance
  • No hidden operating costs
  • High level of reliability and safety

Creating Value for Customers through stringent H&S practices

At SUEZ, we believe that 'Excellence in Safety, Health & Environment' contributes directly to the performance of our organization and creates value for our clients. We are committed to develop and sustain the highest level of safety culture to prevent workplace accidents. Regular trainings are being conducted at all sites very frequently to build a safety culture and good safety practices and behavior are continuously recognized. This is an ongoing and critical objective.

Everyone has an obligation to work safely and the duty to contribute to this by behaving responsibly. With a goal of No Injuries – Ever, our health and safety philosophy is underpinned by a vision for a workplace free of injury, illness and environmental incidents. Our certified OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System, and our employees’ commitment to follow and implement health and safety rules and policies to help protect the community, our clients and the environment support this.