SUEZ in India reiterates the message of #OnlyOneEarth as it celebrates the month of June as the month of Environment

SUEZ aims to invest in preserving and restoring our natural capital, and in the future of biodiversity, both on land and at sea through its firm commitment towards preserving the fundamental elements of our environment-water, soil and air.

Climate change is no more an event in the distant future, it is happening right now. Last year in November, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) through an intense round of negotiations amongst almost 200 countries, highlighted the need for collective action. From corporates to think tanks to NGOs to media, all stakeholders emphasised the science, solutions and political will to act, alter and change the course of human history and protect our planet from further harm.

Like COP26, World Environment Day is a reminder of the collective will and need for action, required from all of us to save this planet from the point of no return.  SUEZ has always been a huge proponent of saving the environment. Over the years, it has serviced 66 million people with safe drinking water, produced 3.1 Terra watt-hour of renewable energy and avoided 4.2. million tons of CO2 on behalf of its customers. A pioneer when it comes to offering innovative solutions in environmental services.

Every year, SUEZ in India reiterates the message of saving our planet, taking up collective action and individual pledges to make a difference. With support from like-minded stakeholders and communities, this year SUEZ in India organised a range of sensitisation events and activities to protect our planet, around all its sites across India, marking the entire month of June as the month of environment.  The aim is to create awareness around the need to take stringent and urgent action to protect the only liveable planet there is and not just for ourselves but for the future generation as well.

To mark the month as the month of environment, a range of activities were organised across all our sites in India.