We will not be able to rise to the water resource challenge without a radical change in the management of such resources. This need is all the more pressing in countries where reserves are limited and subject to high demographic pressure. Developing smart water technologies is a key focus of the Group's innovation and research policy.

A wide range of services

SUEZ’ activities cover the entire water cycle value chain. Studies and master plans, engineering, design and construction of water treatment facilities, drinking water distribution and sewerage services, customer relations :
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Studies and engineering

For more than 70 years, SUEZ Consulting has offered its consultancy and engineering expertise to local authorities who seek to sustainably develop their territories, as well as to industries who want to adapt their production tools to the ecological and energy transition.

Drinking water production

Turning on a tap. An ordinary, everyday gesture. And yet, before it comes gushing from the tap, the water has been on a long journey. Tap water is not naturally drinkable. It only becomes drinkable thanks to extensive physical and chemical treatments. The production of drinking water is a crucial issue for populations.
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Water distribution

Having access to sufficient amounts of clean drinking water is a key issue for citizens. SUEZ optimises drinking water distribution with an understanding of the entire value chain from diagnosis, infrastructure and invoicing to effective leak detection management.
Micropollutants in water

Treatment of micropollutants

For over 10 years, SUEZ has participated in multiple research programmes on micropollutants with its partners (institutions, universities and local authorities etc.) to ensure the suitable condition of aquatic environments. These programmes have resulted in the development of innovative processes and methods to control the whole water cycle: drinking water, urban wastewater, stormwater  and industrial water.

Sewerage and stormwater network management

Sewerage and stormwater network management is a crucial issue for the preservation of the natural environment and the long-term future of urban lifestyles. SUEZ develops solutions to challenge conventional approaches, replacing them with innovative, dynamic sewerage and stormwater management systems.

Wastewater treatment and reuse

Wastewater is produced by human activity and has a direct impact on the natural environment into which it is discharged, whether it is treated or not. Efficient treatment solutions exist, including the possible reuse of treated wastewater.
Sludge and by products management

Sludge and by-products management

Urban or industrial wastewater treatement produces sludge. This sludge is then treated with a view to being recovered or destroyed. A number of treatment phases, from thickening to drying, allow the sludge to be recovered, for example as agricultural fertiliser or fuel for incineration plants.
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Types of partnerships

The treatment and distribution of water, the collection, treatment and recycling of wastewater, and the collection and recycling of waste are essential factors in making towns and cities attractive. SUEZ offers its high level of expertise and innovative technologies to local authorities, proposing a wide range of customizable partnerships to match their requirements and local regulations.

Digital solutions

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