AssetAdvancedTM is a decision support platform that enables utilities to make smart investment choices to deliver resilient services while reducing risk and environmental impact.

Reduced investment costs up to 30%*

Leverage your data from all angles for smart capital planning - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

*Based on a comparison between a manual investment plan approach vs. AssetAdvancedTM data driven approach.


Mitigating problems caused by aging infrastructures
to provide a resilient service: reduce pipe breaks, pollution events and infiltration
Balancing investments
between available budget, contractual requirements, and environmental protection
Putting the community well-being & the protection of the environment
at the forefront


Data driven approach for transparent decision making
Integrate and understand your data from all angles, take into account multiple specific degradation model, group the renovation of multiple assets as the same time.
Operational and strategic planning efficiency
Assess asset condition, failure and risk analysis, manage work prioritization, plan the replacement and maintenance of assets over time
Smart financial investments
Plan major infrastructure replacement to improve your ROI or find alternatives. Balance your choices depending on the risk of failure, the impact on the service and the evolution of assets over time.
Reduced carbon and social impact
Make your assets last longer and replace only when necessary. Plan rehabilitation and replacement to serve equally all members of the community.

Our solution

Plan your asset replacement in 6 steps

Truly a multi-asset platform already compatible with assets in:



Enhancing Denver Water's mains renewal program

Denver Water (DW) the largest water utility in Colorado, provides drinking water to over 1.5 million customers in the Greater Denver area. DW’s distribution network contains thousands of miles of water mains, of varying age, material, and size.  To ensure it can maintain a high level of service for its customers into the future, DW replaces many miles of degraded mains each year. Selecting exactly which mains to replace each year is an extremely challenging and time-consuming exercise, as a range of different driving factors must be accounted for.


In order to leverage, simplify and improve the pipes replacement carried on yearly basis, AssetAdvancedTM supported DW’s with its annual mains renewal planning:

  • Consolidation of all DW’s driving factors for main replacement into a common assessment framework
  • Prioritization leading to high quality and implementable renewal plans
  • KPI identification for renewal, superseding the utility's existing manual replacement prioritization
  • Easy identification of replacement package, recommendation for implementation and quantification of the benefits of replacements


  • A comprehensive, dynamic, and defensible main replacement plan using data from across the utility.
  • A risk and buildability assessment as well as return on investment.


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