Our local presence

We support African cities and industries in water management, recycling, and waste recovery.
The history of SUEZ in Africa began in 1948 when the Group built the first drinking water plant in Sherbine, Egypt.
Since then, more than 500 water treatment plants have been built.

Today, more than 80% of capital cities are supplied by a Group plant. The Group is currently building a dozen water plants in Kenya, Senegal, Angola, Algeria, and Uganda, among others.

SUEZ is active in water services through the leasing contract for the production and distribution of drinking water in urban and peri-urban areas in Senegal and the operation and maintenance of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Egypt in Alexandria and Cairo.

In Morocco, SUEZ is a leader in industrial waste management with customers such as Renault, PSA, Centrale Danone and Siemens and the creation of treatment platforms in the free trade cities of Tangier and Kenitra.In South Africa, SUEZ and its partners have acquired in 2022 EnviroServ, largest waste management company of the country.

SUEZ's UCDs (decentralised compact units) supply water through 260 stations installed in more than 50 countries, including a project in Ivory Coast where the authorities are equipping 32 secondary towns with this solution.


of African capitals supplied with water by a SUEZ installation

More than


drinking water plants and wastewater treatment plants built on the African continent